Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just for Fun

One of the biggest problem areas I dealt with in the SAT prep class I taught was how to write the essay. Specifically, they did not know how to give examples to back up their reasoning and arguments. I have included below some excerpts from some of the essays I read, for your enjoyment.

“These daily actions will alter the course of history. Here is a self explanatory example. I decided to skip school today because we are having a quiz which I didn’t study for. But on the same day my parents were secretly called in to take a tour of everyday class learning. While I am out having the time of my life, my parents are sitting in that classroom worried that I might be injured or kidnapped.”

“Facts are important as proving that life exists, such as water on the moon, Europia, the existence of mermaids.”

“Relying more on facts than imagination can get you a job. Barak Obama knows his facts, he doesn’t just sit there and do nothing, does he? Even the Governer[sic] of our country has to know his facts. I know this because he’s done a lot for country. For example he had an idea “instead of the school, kids preparing food for themselves to eat. I can hire cooks to make the children’s food. I’ll handle paying it with the government money.”

“You won’t die when you don’t know your facts, but you’ll suffer if you do not know your facts. Not just facts about your life, but real facts about other random things. Did you know your hands have more germs than your butt? Did you also know that you cheeks have a lot more germs than your teeth? It’s all about knowing your facts!”

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