Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am sorry if I worried anyone with my last post (read: Mom and Dad). I was depressed, but mostly I viewed it as a learning experience as a teacher. I am actually glad that I am not so self-centered and egotistical that I never think anything is my fault.
Anyway, it all turned out okay ( I think). I went to the vice principal, who is a very nice lady, and explained that I didn't think it would be fair to count the tests in their mid-term grades. She simply said, "ok." So, problem solved. I have since then been absolutely focused on teaching the formulas and problem solving skills that they obviously did not understand. I have definitely seen a few lightbulbs go off for my students, which gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, and right now, if everything seems to go well, I will have my students re-test sometime next week.
Speaking of next week, I am so excited! It is slated as "spirit week," and just like in the states, I would bet that various forms of hilarity will ensue. As the schedule stands, Monday is "sports day," Tuesday is "Career day," Wednesday is "international day," Thursday is "Halloween Costume day," and Friday is "black and gold day." I am sure sprinkled in there will be the ubiquitous class meetings filled with learning cheers, and there is guaranteed to be a ridiculous assembly. I am very excited, and I have changed the batteries in my camera in preparation for the tom-foolery. Speaking of cameras.... I have been promising pictures for some time, so it is time to keep my word. Most of the following are my students... ignore the silly poses- it seems to be the "seki-a" (cool) thing to do.

Everyone praying before an assembly...

Aren't they cute??? By the way... if you click on the pictures, it will make them bigger!

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